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Check out what's happening on the ground: people getting involved, coming together and taking action, experiences of our movement members and much more! Case studies and stories are written by Organisers, Hosts, Volunteers and Employers. At times we also feature guest stories.

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7 Jul 2015
On my very first day, on my very first street, I met a lady called Judy, who drew my attention to the County Council’s plans to severely reduce the local bus...
1 Jul 2015
One group introduces mental health to the whole community with a fantastic event.
15 Jun 2015
When one woman was taking the Life in the UK test, she decided to form a study group to help as many people as possible.
4 Jun 2015
“I thought it was interesting to find out what the students thought about the school and that many of their thoughts were the same”
1 Jun 2015
The remarkable story of the Volunteer Training Partners Programme.
26 May 2015
When their local play scheme was threatened with cuts, these residents came together to put a stop to them.
18 May 2015
“If we all pull together we can do amazing things” - one man from Belgrave Street
11 May 2015
Child safety fears make parents take action
29 Apr 2015
Supported by Community Organiser John, an inspirational group of residents from St Helens are developing a project to build confidence of visually impaired...
20 Apr 2015
Meet Luke, a volunteer community organiser who has stood up in front of his local council and asked them to help him make his estate better for everyone.
14 Apr 2015
One of the main learnings I took away from this was to know your target audience and what works for them, as they will inform you of how they choose to...
9 Apr 2015
A community comes together to raise awareness to stop violence against women and children though the art of dance.
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